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Leader Silviculture offers a full range of silviculture services in keeping with small business values. We deliver personalized solutions using experienced local staff. We believe in using innovation and creativity to improve cost effectiveness while maintaining high quality standards. We are committed to supporting and strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

Founded in 1992, Leader Silviculture specializes in tree planting, mechanical and chemical brushing, protection installation, as well as spacing, pruning and slashing. This diversity of work enables us to offer steady employment from April to December.

Our core workforce shares a common passion and constant dedication to the outdoors: we work hard during the summer months and play on the mountains during the winter. Our Company logo is a testament to this philosophy.

Leader Silviculture is a BASE certified BC WORKSAFE Company, Certificate 9080037 and an active member of the WSCA and BCFSC.